Driving Digital Brand Adaptation
Alain Pinel Realtors / Saratoga, CA

Alain Pinel Realtors has dominated the largely print-based advertising market since it's founding as an independent brokerage 25 years ago. This project is a broad showcase of our answers to the challenge of refitting the success of an offline campaign and marketing identity for the digital landscape.

Digitizing Success
With over 1400 agents interacting and promoting online more every day, one of the most crucial pieces of a digital reboot for APR was bringing email and social marketing to par with the award winning print communications. Above are some of the seasonal designs I pulled together for use on social media by the corporate team as well as for use in personal marketing by the agents themselves.
Online Advertising
Furrowing in on modern advertising avenues and taking advantage of long-standing partnerships, we took the opportunity to engulf audiences in the full atmosphere of our marketing campaigns making use of all sizes of online advertisements, most notably page wraps.
Reinventing the Website
As one of the first real estate brokerages to even have a website, let alone providing online access to thousands of listings through a robust search, the task of updating such a legend proved that user feedback would be crucial. We used market knowledge, scale considerations, and a modern aesthetic to mold the dated and dark homepage into a bright and locally-focused experience. 

The site has since been updated further but still represents some of the foundation built in this iteration, be sure to check out their live site.
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client site: http://www.apr.com
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