SoundHound Charts: Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursday in-app content

Crafting to the Beat
SoundHound, Inc.
SoundHound develops the content for it's music identification app in house. As a collaborative effort, marketing is constantly updating the look and feel. Below is an update to the creatives of the app's popular genre charts set in the user flow of the SoundHound app when you experience the genre charts.
In developing the new designs, the team came up with distinctive titles to spur the modern audience such as 'What's Poppin' for the Top 40 hits and 'The Vibe' for more urban rap and RnB hits. Translated across the entire user flow, from first glance in the Home screen of the app to the chart itself and in the listening screens.
Each creative overlaid two of the apps most consistently popular artists inside of it's own section of the SoundHound brand color wheel. When swiping across the charts in the SoundHound app, the color transitions gradually and brings unity to the variation.
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Throwback Thursdays: Pop Hits through the Decades

One of the unique content ideas the team pulled together was a nod to Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) where we crafted playlists dedicated to the past five decades and released them bi-weekly over the course of two months in the SoundHound app. 

As the graphic designer tasked with the creative, I researched fifty years of design trends and applied a unique treatment to each chart, carrying the experience from first glance through the sharing process. Catch a glimpse in the individual sharing icons below.

Hip with the Sixties.
Jiving with the colorful post-modern styles of the Creative Revolution.
That's So Seventies.
Grooving on the peaceful and mellow vibes of the seventies.
Back to the Eighties.
Driven back to the future with the buzzin' jams of the eighties.
That's So Nineties.
A play on the the popular styles that followed the Saved by the Bell generation.
Now That's What I Call the 2000's
Themed around the iconic CD series still running today.

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