Building Responsively with ZURB
I learned a lot in the three months I spent with ZURB. From re-aligning the importance of open communication and staying in time with your craft. To gaining insight from a number of keen key speakers and, most importantly, learning to always be on your toes.
     When I teamed up with ZURB  in early September, I had never even heard of this magical thing called responsive web design. I'm shameless to say I spent more than a small amount of time resizing my browser window to watch their website respond and immediately thought, 'Why don't more people know about this?' Upon arrival it was clear that ZURB, being the masterminds behind the most advanced responsive front-end framework, Foundation, was always willing to teach others.
During the course of my time at their office in Campbell, we brainstormed a way to inform and showcase some of the best and most essential pieces that make up good responsive design. And after three months and a few really long sketchsheets, this information found a home in Responsive from ZURB.
The Responsive Site is three parts of responsible goodness. Upon arrival to the site you land headfirst into the grand Gallery of some of the best responsive sites out right now. The second is Responsive Reading, the new home for ZURB's existing monthly email newsletter. Lastly, and almost most importantly (if all the responsive mumbo jumbo has you lost yet intrigued) is Responsive Design, wherein ZURB's compiles all of their knowledge and favorite resources into one place.
The Responsive Site is, as it was designed to be, a great resource for those at all levels of skill when it comes to responsive design, from those just beginning to the more advanced and I'm so excited to see it grow and refine as the responsive community grows.
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